This Drill beat is produced by Black Orchid Productions. Black Orchid's motto as she blesses the city with some of the finest chunes paired with vocals of sweet versatility. She wears many musical hats and she does with such style and grace. Her vocal set is not limited to one genre as she has proven time after time with songs in Hip-hop, R&B, Reggae and dancehall. Not only can she write your next big hit, lay vocals that any artist would love to feature, she is also a renowned producer in the city. A living representation of a diverse city.
Far from her first project having worked on and with Chelsea Stewart's Juno nominated EP Genesis as co-writer and producer in 2019 she is looking to let her voice be heard with "Return My Heart." The synthesis of an artist producing their own project, to be able to fully express one's self not only vocally but musically is no simple feat. Black Orchid is more than capable and the time has come to salvage the culture and bring back artistry, passion, and to bring back that feeling of hearing someone sing about what you're really going through or trying to get over in life. That is what music was, and what will be coming from Black Orchid.

Black Orchid is the 3rd producer to be featured on The 6ix Female Cypher Series.
Producers can sign up via the website.